Just want to share some ideas to improve the scheduler.

  1. Auto Update Events

It’s very basic and useful function. Just load events from server every N seconds. You can even deliver this feature with version 3.7. Very simple to implement:

var lastUpdate = new Date();

function updateCalendar() {
    var diff = new Date() - lastUpdate;

    // check if at least 10 mins science the last update and popup is closed
    if ($('.dhx_cal_light:visible').length <= 0 && diff > 600000) {
        scheduler.load("myurl", "json");
        lastUpdate = new Date();

setInterval(updateCalendar, 1000);
  1. Same Start/End Date

Frequently, an event must always start and end at the same date. It would be nice to have this feature, without writing my own CSS and JavaScript - I need to syncronize input fields for both dates and hide input fields for the first date.

  1. Add UserVoice

You can setup free UserVoice account and customers can suggest features/ideas or vote for existing. You can then pick most popular ideas and implement.

  1. Responsive Layout for Lightbox

You can make lightbox layout responsive and when you resize your browser, it will fit to the current browser width. It works with any device - desktop, tablet and mobile. Basicly you need to write different CSS rules for different browser widths (media queries):

// CSS code

@media (max-width: 980px) {
    #header { width: 200px }

@media (max-width: 580px) {
    #header { width: 100px }


The scheduler itself is already ‘almost’ responsive, but not the lightbox.

  1. Auto Update Events

Yep, we have considered such functionality in past.
While it pretty simple to implement it doesn’t work well in production environment. Constant data reloading breaks edit|creation of new events, and cause heavy load on server.

Check … ive_update
It requires more complex setup, but provides instant update for all users after any changing in schedulerm and scales up to thousands of users.

  1. Responsive Layout for Lightbox

This one is a target for next version of the scheduler.
Fixed version was necessary to fit large recurring sections, but it can and will be improved.

Do you mean the 3.7 version?

Do you mean the 3.7 version?

Nope, it is major update ( multiple sections, different skins, etc. ) so it will be part of 4.x