ie 10 compatibility

I have 2 footers to my grid.
They have rowspans and colspans it. Please refer the screenshort I have attached.
We are upgrading our application to be compatible with ie10. In the process we are upgrading to dhtmlx3.6 as well.
I am not able to make the code work for both quirks and standard modes of ie10.

Following is the code for achieving what I want in different modes :
mygrid.attachFooter(“Total quantity,#cspan,A,0,B,0”); mygrid.attachFooter(“#rspan,#rspan,A,0,B,#rspan”);

mygrid.attachFooter(“Total quantity,#cspan,A,0,B,0”);

Is there a better way to make it work with single code in both the modes ?
Also there is alignment problem in quirks even though spanning is achieved.

Please refer to the screen shorts.

Please, try to set a valid doctype to your page.
For example: