IE 11 and tool tips

With IE11 and 4.0 v130827:

I am getting javascript errors when hovering over an appointment in the timeline view when the tooltip is trying to open.

Do I need to update?

Tooltips is are not working in IE11. A js error is thrown somewhere around the isIE() check.

scheduler.templates.tooltip_text = function(start,end,event) {  .....   };

This does look like a problem with IE 11 only. Will there be a bug fix or a new release soon?


Which version of dhtmlxScheduler you are using ?

4.0 v130827

There is no feature detection in dhtmlxscheduler_tooltip.js and document.createEventObject() became deprecated in IE11, see:

I fixed this temporarily by adding if(document.createEventObject) at line 168:

165 var evt = undefined;
166 if (_isIE) {
167   //make a copy of event, will be used in timed call
168   if(document.createEventObject) evt = document.createEventObject(ev);
169 }

It works in IE11 now, have to check older versions, though. Perhaps someone from Dinamenta can check the code an implement a fix in the next version.