IE 9 Hotfix for XML not working...

The following xml is not rendering in IE9. I have applied the hotfix (copied the new common.js). But it´s stil not rendering the xml…

header(“Content-type: text/xml”);
print’<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>’;

print '<item id="Startpagina" img="house.png" text="Startpagina" />';
print '<item id="sep_top_1" type="separator"/>';

print '<item id="klanten" img="group.png" text="Klanten overzicht" />';
print '<item id="sep_top_2" type="separator"/>';

print '<item id="agenda" img="date.png" text="Agenda" />';
print '<item id="sep_top_3" type="separator"/>';

//print '<item id="email" img="email.png" text="Email" />';
//print '<item id="sep_top_4" type="separator"/>';

print '<item id="instellingen" img="cog.png" text="Instellingen" />';
print '<item id="sep_top_5" type="separator"/>';

print '<item id="nieuweklant" img="user_add.png" text="Nieuwe klant" />';
print '<item id="sep_top_6" type="separator"/>';

print ‘’;

This is the browser output of the xml:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>



Can someone please help? My whole code is stopping at the dhxGrid.loadXML(“somefile.php”);

Please check if you are using dhtmlxGrid 2.6. If issue still occur please open ticket at and provide complete demo where we can reproduce this issue.

Ok thanks. I already had dhtmlxGrid 2.6.

Loading xml to dhtmlxMenu is also NOT working on IE9 :neutral_face: :


Have you tried loading those XML generating php files in IE9 to see if IE reports any errors?

@ jamesl

Yes I did. You can see in my first post. That’s the output from IE9. In my opinion there’s nothing wrong with it…