IE Accordion pallets by defualt are not expanded

Please see attached HTML for reference. although the 4th Item i.e., - Version 1 (Line 1447) is mentioned as “open: true”, but when the page is opened in IE6, 7 or 8 all the pallets are displayed as collapsed.
Kindly suggest.
Test HTML (120 KB)

Try to call the script with accordion intialization on body “onload”:



I have tried the above mentioned solution as well still its not working …
any other thoughts /suggestions regarding the same.

Locally the solution I’ve provided before works. Sample is attached
Test HTML (119 KB)

actually we didn’t had access to the tag so I was trying to call doOnLoad() from script only. Thats why it was not working. But calling the same as :
window.onload = function doOnLoad(){
dhxAccord1 = new dhtmlXAccordion({
{id:“a1”, text:“Latest Version”, open:true},
{id:“a2”, text:“Version 3”},
{id:“a3”, text:“Version 2”},
{id:“a4”, text:“Version 1”}

worked :slight_smile:

thanks a ton