IE Calender Display Issues


I’m creating a website, with a two column layout, done by tables. In the right column, I’m creating a flat calendar, using the following code:

This works great in FF, but it’s a disaster in IE. It doesn’t display in the right place, and even worse, in the left column of the table, there is a white box, the same size as the calendar, covering everything else.

By adding an ‘inline’ to the calendarId’s style, I could make the calendar at least position itself correctly, but the box remains.

I’m not sure if this is related, but without the ‘inlne’ attribute set to the div, the calendar in IE displays overtop of other items, even if it’s located in a different area.




some issues were fixed in the calendar. Please, try to use attached file instead of the original one. If the issue isn’t solved, please provide a sample to re-create the problem. (11.9 KB)

Hi Alex,

Thanks for your reply.  I used the new version you gave me.

It did fix the positioning issue.  Now, the calendar itself is positioned correctly, without setting the calendarId div to be inline. 

However, the white box is still there.  It is now displayed in a different place (the top left of the window), and it has the word ‘false’ inside it.

I’ve put a link here:

It actually seems like this rogue box is an iframe.


please, try to call calendar initialization code when the page is loaded - we have attached the sample (36.1 KB)

Hi Alex,

That works great.  Thanks a lot for your quick help!