IE error CDATA in usertag


I was looking for some way to put html code inside the usertag in XML. I’m found the CDATA tag that make this. The problem is the tree works in Firefox but in IE I got these errors:

Error type: LoadXML

Description: Incorrect XML

Error type: Data Structure

Description: XML reffers to not existing parent

An so, the tree doesn’t work in the IE. Any sugestion of how can I resolve this?

The CDATA must work equally in both IE and FF
The error above occurs when xml can’t be parsed correctly
In case of ie it may be
- incorrect content type of document ( must be text/xml )
- incorrect syntax of XML

Just load the same XML document directly in browser ( IE ) - it will show detailed error description.

The XML document is OK… and the problem only occurs in the IE. Firefox and Chrome works fine. If you want I can put the XML in here to test.

Thank’s again!

If you want I can put the XML in here to test.
Yes please, attach it to the post, or send directly to

>>and the problem only occurs in the IE
The only IE critical requirement - correct header, but it does matter only if data generated by dynamic script.

The xml document is attached in the post. (674 Bytes)

Issue can’t be reconstructed locally. The same XML works correctly - please check attached sample.
If in your case XML generated dynamically - please be sure that it server with correct context-type. (47.1 KB)