IE / Firefox xml discrepancy


I am having a problem with displaying XML Grid data in Firefox & Safari.
The web page displays a message with the contents of the xml data that should appear in the grid.

There is no problem in IE.
I believe it may be a problem with the data in the MYSQL database.
I am using dhtmlxconnector to render the grid data.

Is there any way I can isolate the data that may be causing the issue?
Why would this only be an issue with ‘non’ IE Browsers?

Thank you so much.

I am having a problem with displaying XML Grid data in Firefox & Safari.
Please provide us more information regarding this issue. What exactly problem do you have?

When viewing the Firefox error log I see…

Error: XML or text declaration not at start of entity
Source File: localhost/cst/training.php
Line: 2, Column: 1
Source Code:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8' ?>StudentCourseDateCompanyInstructorFacilityGradepx#connector_text_filter,#connector_text_filter,#connector_text_filter,#connector_text_filter,#connector_text_filter,#connector_text_filter,#connector_text_filter

I think it has to do with whitespace in the xml stream ???

Hope this helps.

You should not have whitespaces before <?xml output. Such xml will not load at FireFox


I am using connectors so I do not know where the whitespace is coming from (if at all).
Do you know a way to diagnose the contents of the xml generated from the connectors.js ???

The log file does not show any relevent info regarding the issue.


Unfortunately we cannot reproduce this issue locally. Please check if you have any additonal code at the file where you initialize grid connectors.

Thank you so much for your quick response.
I will investigate and report any findings here.