IE problem - another initialisation is not possible...

i’m stucked in a little problem:

i add an event to a calendar… in the event is a link…
i follow this link (its not on the scheduler page, its somewhere else)

on this page is a back button, which has all the informations …
then i go back to the scheduler, read the informations out, and i go back to the last view (day/month/week view, and the correct date)
this works perfect in Firfefox, also the FF Javascript-Console shows no JavaScript Error at all.

if i do the same with IE (IE8, not in compatibility-mode) i get all the informations (which view and so on) back, but an error orrurs, if it should re-inital the scheduler again with:

scheduler.init('scheduler_here', new Date(myDate), startView);

myDate and startView is set (i debugged it).

the viewer comes to this result:

do you have any idea what this could be the problem?
is there any possibility to “delete” the already initaled scheduler?

thanks for your help again!

ok, i think i can specify it a little bit…

scheduler.init('scheduler_here', null, startView);

it code it hard, like:

scheduler.init('scheduler_here', new Date(2009,02,30), startView);

this is also working, regardless if i use 02 or 2 …

in the dateToView i have: 2010,07,24

if i initialize it with:

scheduler.init('scheduler_here', new Date(dateToView), startView);

i have the problem from above…

( i thought the problem is solved because of a cache problem, but it’s not… )

ok, problem solved:

its not allowed in IE to post the whole string…
you have to:

var month = "07";
var day = "24";
var year = "2011";

scheduler.init('scheduler_here', new Date(year, month, day), startView);

then it works…