ie problem dhtmlxForm... input item or combo item

{type: “block”, width:860, offsetLeft:20, list: [
{type: “input”, labelWidth:110, inputWidth:270, label: “*Project”},
{type: “input”, labelWidth:110, inputWidth:270, label: “*Sender Id”},
{type:“newcolumn”, offset:50},
{type: “input”, labelWidth:110, inputWidth:270, label: “*DCN/FCN No.”},
{type: “select”, labelWidth:113, inputWidth:270, label: “*Discipline”, options:[{text: “PM”, value: “ME”}]}
{type: “block”, width:860, offsetLeft:20, className:“move”, list:
{type:“label”, label:“*Change Originator”},
{type:“newcolumn”, offset:40},
{type:“checkbox”, name:“ch1”, position:“label-right”, label:“Home Office”},
{type:“newcolumn”, offset:10},
{type:“checkbox”, name:“ch1”, position:“label-right”, label:“Client/Consultant”},
{type:“newcolumn”, offset:10},
{type:“checkbox”, name:“ch1”, position:“label-right”, label:“Contractor”},
{type:“newcolumn”, offset:10},
{type:“checkbox”, name:“ch1”, position:“label-right”, label:“Supplier”}

this is my some code

but ie… no bottom line of input item

attach snapshot

Dhrome is no problem…

There is Problem Only IE…


please provide completed demo including all js/css files or direct link

I saw that same effect when IE8 was running in compatibility mode. Also, if I didn’t have the <!doc line at the top of my html.