IE tabbar toolbar ZOOM problem


we struggle with strange IE behavior when users use ZOOM functionality. Please see attached example.

I have analyzed it using IE developer toolbar and everything seems to be correct and still the text of toolbar button sometimes appear somewhere right not adjusted to correct icon. It appears not in the spot it should be rendered.

I do not blaim you for such strange behavior, but I need help as you are more skilled in those kind of problems. I need to be able after the toolbar is reloaded from xml call some javascript function that will force refresh of this toolbar again.

The steps we use.

  1. Each time when user changes tabbar we load its toolbar that is different per in xml.
  2. In onLoad toolbar function we translate texts of xml loaded divs
  3. IE must be ZOOMED in using Ctrl + mouse scroll in.
  4. We reproduce it when we click between tabs sometimes twice, sometimes more.

The most important thing is that when I scroll down a little bit to hide whole toolbar and scroll up to see it everything is fine!!! So it is some IE problem.

I tried to simulate it using following lines: = ‘hidden’; = ‘visible’;
and the problem happens even more often.



we have not reproduced the problem locally. Could you provide a demo ?