ie10 bug where dataProcessor("../<path") not being called


I have my code working with dhtmlxScheduler for Chrome and Firefox, but on IE whenever I try to add a new event my server is not registering any http requests made for the event insert/update. The load function works though as I get my schedule view populated on load.

The call for load is scheduler.load("…/") which is similar to what i use for the dataProcessor function. Not sure if this non-absolute path is an issue, or it’s a javascript issue with dhtmlxScheduler with IE.

Help is much appreciated.


dataProcessor and component are using the same code for data loading. So it must work or doesn’t work in both cases. It is quite strange that it works in one case, but doesn’t work in another. ( dataprocessor uses POST request, while load uses GET - but I don’t see how it can cause some kind of a problem )

Try to use IE dev tools ( F12 - network tab ), did they register ajax call for data saving or not ?

Also, are you using HTTP or HTTPS mode? Old versions of IE can have problems with POST via HTTPS