IE11 Export Gantt to PDF - http 405 error when trusted site


Is there any know reason why for IE 11 the export Gantt to PDF feature gives a http 405 error. Setup:

  • IE 11
  • site hosting the dhtmlxGantt is a trusted site in IE (must be trusted to see the error)
  • using dhtmlxGantt 3.3.0

This issue has not been seen using the latest dhtmlxGantt 4.0.0

If this can be addressed with a patch rather than upgrading the gantt, it would be very helpful.


Are you using HTTP or HTTPs for the HTML page? In the second case, please be sure that you are loading export script by HTTPs as well.

In most case the error 405 can be caused by some problem with data serialization. We need to have access to the page where issue occurs, or any other kind of sample, to provide any solution.