IE7 timeout or long loading times?

Has there been any reports of issues in any of the versions with problems of loading in IE7? (with the dhtmlx tree)

It seems to work fine in firefox but it seems its using too much memory, timing out, or some load issue in IE7.

Didn’t know if this was an old bug or already reported.

Please try to use
There is known issue with image caching in IE, which can cause freezing during tree loading.

I tried this and it didnt work.
Cleared cache/cookies etc.  It will lock up in IE7 pretty much everytime.  Works in other browsers.  It is like a never ending loop or something is running.  Because once locked up the site is inaccessible for a little bit.

Are you using tree on http or https page?
How much items rendered in tree? The JS script in IE runs significently slower than in FF, so it may be caused by big dataset.

There are only 600 items

Using HTTP

There are only 600 items
Yep, it is not so much , to cause performance problems.
With both enableIEImageFix and enableSmartXMLParsing enabled there must not be any problems with loading such dataset in IE.

If issue still occurs for you - please provide any kind of sample where problem can be reconstructed ( or link to the demo page ) , you can send such info directly to