IE8 and &


i’ve some usernames with the sign ‘&’ and transmit the name in CDATA (XML) like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<row id="1234">

The display field is ‘ro’ and in all browsers the name is ok but only in IE8 i see “Paul”. All other characters from ‘&’ are truncated.

Why this?

Regards, Carsten

If i set the name in (double) quotes it will be displayed correct

Try to use “rotxt” eXcell type

Solved - thank you! :smiley:

Almost! :astonished:
If i init the grid on javascript side with setColTypes() it works but if i init the gid with XML it doesn’t.

<column type="rotxt" width="*" align="left" sort="" id="col1"><![CDATA[<div align='center'>Name</div>]]></column>

In this case it’s a subgrid.

Ok, my error, it was the wrong column.
BUT: I use some “
” in this cell but when i set the type to “rotxt” i see “
” in cell text! :open_mouth:

rotxt - Simple read-only cell without edit possibility that treats values as pure text, so no HTML is allowed.