IE8 issue when add button clicked


I don’t know why, but on IE8 (xp or seven), when I click on the “add button” to upload files sometimes the browser appear on the first click, sometimes I have to click on the button 3 or 4 times.

Is it an issue known ?


We need completed demo to inspect it locally
Please, provide it on with a link to this topic … pport.html



I can’t make a demo package because the dhtmlxVault work fine on my browser but it’s not working on a customer browser (the website is on the same server, our two browser are IE8 on window 7).

I tried to launch the debugging mode, but there is no scripting error. The add button did not react on the customer browser. Have you ever seen this issue ? is there a parameter in internet options which is mandatory ?



Unfortunately we can’t help you if we can’t repoduce and inspect the issue. Locally similar things work fine