IE8 problem


Because of the new IE8 we are having some problems related with CSS. I know if the users change the browser to compatibily vie the problem will be fix. But I wanted to do this including a metatag to change this in code so the user won’t have to change anything.

If I include this metatag in my page:

There is an error in the file dhtmlxgrid.js

in the line

function dhtmlXGridObject(id) {

if (isIE) try { document.execCommand(“BackgroundImageCache”, false, true) } catch (e) { };

if (id){if (typeof (id)== ‘object’){this.entBox=id"cgrid2

this.entBox=document.getElementById(id)}else {this.entBox=document.createElement(“DIV”);“cgrid2_”+this.uid()};


Error in mentioned line can occurs because of next reasons

a) incorrect ID was provided as parameter of grid’s constructor
b) you are using some not well formed html element as grid’s container

In common case , the usage of IE8 meta declaration must not affect js logic of script ( the same code doesn’t generate any errors locally ), but you may have need to add the next line before grid initialization, to prevent unwanted css effects.

if (_isIE) _isIE = true; //drop IE8 specific flag

I have same issue.

you have pointed out that //drop IE8 specific flag.

what do you mean by that?


Component uses _isIE variable to recognize current version of IE. Using
if (_isIE) _isIE = true;
Will inform rendering logic, that rendering need to be done as for IE7 and below.