IE8 throws an exception "Invalid parameter" on attachLayout

first of all my application has a dhtmlXWindows with a main composite layout attached to the html body.
In a menu I run a function that creates another dhtmlXWindows in which I create a popup window and then attach a layout.

On my page window.load event I build the main layout and then after a timeout I run the function which builds the popup window … the attachLayout function throws an exception because of an invalid parameter; it seems that because it tries to set a negative value in the width attribute of a TD html element …

This problem raises only in IE8 (not in Chrome nor in Firefox) and only when I call the function on timeout not when I call the same function from the menu …

Any idea please ?

Best regards, Frédéric.


could you attach a complete demo that reproduces the problem ?

Hi Alexandra,
my complete demo needs to use the connector and a database. It is very difficult to remove the database connection in the application which is highly connected … but if you agree I may export an SQL for you to create the database ?

Best regards, Frédéric.

Hi Frédéric,

if you agree I may export an SQL for you to create the database ?

The sample should not contain any server-side scripts. Our components are javascript, and no server-side scripts are needed to reproduce the problem with Layout.

I will try to downgrade my application to provide a sample …
Best regards, Frédéric