IE9 Display Error with Terrace Skin

The terrace skin works fine in Chrome and Firefox, but I’ve just noticed that the times at the side do not line up properly when using IE9.

You can test this by looking at the Touch Sample in the samples folder.

I normally use Fireox so that I can use Firebug, so I didn’t notice this previously.

i’ve just checked package from the site, everything seems correct in IE9-10.
Do you use the latest version of the component? Have you added any css styles to that page?

The sceenshot was done in IE9 using the TouchUI samples file unaltered.


The file is exactly as downloaded.

In case it matters, here’s an image showing what version of IE9 I am using.

I’ll try to check on another computer and let you know.

I just checked on another computer and the display is the same. The other computer has the same problem when viewing with IE9.

I uploaded the sample file to one of my servers, and I will PM you the url so that you can check and see if it displays correctly or incorrectly for you.

By any chance - are you using compatibility or quirks mode ? As scheduler is designed to run only in Standard mode.

The page zoom could cause incorrect display of the scales, try resetting it to default value

That was it.

I hadn’t even realised that I had page zoom being used in IE.

One computer s at 95% and the other computer was at 90%.

I set them both to 100%, and both display correctly now.

Many thanks for your help. Sorry to have taken up your time.