IE9 problems again


I start using suite 2.6, but I found a bug in dataprocessor that onAfterUpdate event does not run, only in IE9. On other browsers like Safari, Firefox (even old versions) and Chrome, this event fires well. The problem is just IE9.

So, I download and upgrade to suite 3.0 and surprise! Now, the form don’t load on IE9. On other browsers it loads (and saves, including fire on onAfterUpdate event).

After all, I post a message recommending users do not use IE9 to access the website.

The is a way to fix suite 2.6 to fire dataprocessor.onAfterUpdate or fix suite 3.0 to load form from xml data? Need at least one to work.


If you have access to support system - please open ticket there.
Otherwise - please provide any kind of sample of demo link where issue can be reconstructed

You can see it in action:

email/pass: dhx/dhx

Click in Pessoas button, in the new window, select one line in grid, and click pencil button to edit it.


Try to use the attached dhtmlxdataprocessor.js instead of the original one.


the file attachment is missing!!


Sorry, file re-attached. (3.14 KB)


It do not work. Same problem with lib that you provide (you can test it on same site, same email/pass provided before). The are any protocol changes especific for IE9?


Actually it works while testing from our side.

Problem was caused by incorrect xml encoding recognition in IE9 ( not sure why it occurs in your case, maybe some headers of pages, or data in xml ) in result normal parsing doesn’t work and IE fallback to workaround ( which was designed for similar cases ) - here the code contains check for xml object property which doesn’t exists in case of IE9, this check was updated in previously sent file.

You can try to set the


in the connector’s code, to force correct encoding, which must resolve the original problem.


You need to corret your documentation at: … connectors

Instead of:
print("<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8' ?>");

Dataprocessor in IE8 and IE9 will load data only if remove encoding from markup:
print("<?xml version='1.0' ?>");

Once I remove the encoding directive, it works normal. Your php connector does the same, but I implemented myself connector according the documentation (wich lead me to the error).

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During local tests IE correctly works with

print("<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8' ?>");

but really fails with

print("<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf8' ?>");

we will investigate more and will update the documentation