If sort in split mode by far column, grid scrolls to begin


i’ve got a problem, i have a grid with splitAt, and when i sorting it by some far(scroll to the right) column then grids scrolls to the left to first column instead of stay on sorting column.

Please advise if it possible to fix.

Thank you.


Can somebody hear me, guys? Is my question clear?

Unfortunately we cannot reproduce this issue locally. Please try to update your files. If issue still occurs for you please provide us demo where it can be reconstructed.

It seems this issue appears when smart rendering mode enabled.
I’m using 2.5 version of grid.

I fixed it this way:

var offset = 0;
descrGrid.attachEvent("onBeforeSorting", function(index, type, direction){
	offset = descrGrid.objBox.scrollLeft;
	return 1;
descrGrid.attachEvent("onAfterSorting", function(index,type,direction){
	var rowId = descrGrid.getSelectedRowId();
	descrGrid.objBox.scrollLeft = offset;