Iframe in tooltip


I’m trying to put an iframe in a tooltip.
If I use the “tooltip_text” function of the Tooltip extension (as decribed here : docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … r:tooltips) to return an iframe, the iframe is blinking because a single mouse move always calls the “tooltip_text” function and this constantly reloads the iframe.
Even if the mouse doesn’t move, the iframe is strangely reloading, reloading and reloading…

How I can set a tooltip over an event without having this blink effect ? I need the event Id in the iframe URL, so the tooltip_text function was quite interesting. :confused:

Thanks !

It may be more easy to use some third party lib to show tooltips, and use scheduler’s handler - onMouseMove , which will run attached code each time when mouse is over event ( it will provide the id of event as one of parameters )

Thanks for your answer, I’ll try this way this week !