IFRAME on Tab leaks through to other tabs [Chrome Bug?]

dhtmlx.com/docs/products/vis … &id=ni2931

iFrame content leaks through to 2nd tab. Tested using new 3.5 version.

Bug appears to be in Chrome only.
(and just in case its relevant - I’m using Chrome on OSX - Mountain Lion)

Confirmed fine in latest versions of Opera, Safari & Firefox.

I use jQuery for as much as possible, and I insert this code after the dhxTabBar is initialized.

$(".dhx_tabcontent_zone > div").css("background-color", "#fff");// or whatever color you choose

This will actually give each tab content zone’s direct children a background color, which eliminates this problem for me every time.


, your solution works fine. Thank you for posting it. We are going to add it into dhtmlxtabbar.css like so:

.dhx_tabcontent_zone > div{
background-color: #ffffff;

, to solve the problem in Chrome you may apply the solution provided in the previous reply or add the above css rule in your page.

The solution will be included into tabbar libs when the build will be updated.