I'm confused

I’m really confused with:

  • dhtmlxDataprocessor
  • dhtmlxConnector
  • dhtmlXDataStore

As much as I’ve understood, the new dhtmlXDataStore helps as a kind of proxy-database to hold all data for all the dhtmlX components (at least some of them).

But how are dhtmlxConnector and dhtmlxDataprocessor used together with dhtmlXDataStore?

How are CRUDs into the dhtmlXDataStore been transferred to the database itself?

the DataStore is kind of GUI-less component. It works similar to other component

  • can use dataprocessor for data saving

  • can use connector for data loading

    same as for any other component

    var mydata = new dhtmlXDataStore({
    var dp = new dataProcessor(connector_url)

Can you provide us with a full working sample? Getting data from MySQL database (php) and CRUD functionality.

I thought that data handling would be improved with 3.0. At the moment everything seems to be even more complicated. Now I need to connect frontend with database via php and 3 of your components?