Image and Text on Grid Column


Can you please let me know how can we display the image and text on the same column of Grid and Tree Grid.

On the tree grid if we want to have the image and text other then the first column how can we have. without showing the “+” symbol.

I tried to use column type as “img” and “ro” also for “Grid”, but this does not solves the problem.

Please provide me the input for the same.

Saurabh Saxena

You can insert any html into grid cell:

<cell><![CDATA[<img src="some.gif" />Text]]></cell>

Also you can implement custom eXcell type … l_creation

Thanks for the reply,

Now I can get the image and Text in same column of the Grid.

But when add a “select filter” to the column having image and Text the filter shows text and image html “” in the filter.

Can you please let me know if there is some configuration needs to be done.

Saurabh Saxena

There is no simple way to achieve such functionality.

If you want to have values in filter different from one in the grid cells, you need to redefine how values collected. onCollectValues event can be used for that.


To resolve this we thought of using seperate column for showing image using img as a column type. But we are not able to achive scenario where we don’t want to show image.

Can you please tell me how to not display image for a cell (source of the image is blank)?


In case of loading from XML, you can use

it will be rendered as empty text cell, without relation to the column’s type