Image as #select_filter

Hi team,

We are using grid with filters. On eof our columns is of image type, so we supply the image URL and it displays it. However, we added a header filter for that column of type #select_filter, we expected to see list of images in the filter but we got the image urls instead!

Is there a way to fix this?



Unfotunately it is not possible. The #select_filter use native select control which not able to show rich content, it limited to text only.

If an image cannot be displayed in the select filter, can some custom filter be setup within the selection. In our case we display a state (On/Off) with a green or red LED icon. Could the select filter be set up to show On and Off as the options? How would that be related to the contents of the column?

You can use “onCollectValue” event … lectvalues
Please check tutorial here … ted_events