Image column using JSON.

Hi, I have a few questions regarding the use of Image column in DHTMLxGrid

  1. What is the JSON format if I wanted to populate the “alt” and “title” tag
    Providing only the URL would defaulted both attribute values to the URL. I wish to override this.

  2. (Still in JSON format) If I treated the Image column as a “ro” column and provided the full string, the title would be empty string(e.g.: “”) eventually. Any reason why this happen?


  1. How can I sort the Image column?
  • Trickery by renaming the file so I can sort by alphabet? (or you guys sort by a specific attribute like either alt, or title?)


Oh, one more thing regarding image and json.

I tried the following code snippet and it works with a bug though:

Instead of:

  • ColTypes=“ro”, Value="af.png"

I use:

  • ColTypes=“img” Value=“icons/flags/png/ad.png^ad.png”

According to the docs: … ng_excells

It says that the second argument right after the “^” should refer to “alt” attribute, but instead DHTMLx set the title=“ad.png” of the element and the parent element (the


Still nowhere I can set both title and alt attributes.