Image / Icon Path

I’ve just started using dhtmlx and I’m lost when it comes to image and icon path.


Why it’s always necessary to set the path? Why doesn’t dhtmlx know the relative path and use it? Is something not setup correctly or this intended?

My html page includes the full suite js file and css file. When adding a grid the up/down arrows show blank images.

I’ve been using the path in the samples directory which can’t be correct.

Is it is necessary to always set the path? If so where it is?

if you are using the separate components then the images are in

[name of component]/codebase/imgs/

(assuming that the components are in htdocs directory of your webserver)

If you have the full suite it will be

(assuming you did not rename the folder for the full version when you extracted the zip file)

To set the image path globally you can use -
window.dhx_globalImgPath = “[path]/imgs/”;