Image in Footer


Is it possible to insert an image and text in the same cell of the footer? If yes then how to do so? Please guide me.

Any HTML content can be placed inside footer|header cell


In case of init from JS it will be

grid.attachFooter(“A,B ,C”)

In case of init from XML it will be

   <call command='attachFooter"><![CDATA[ A,B ,C ]]>

Thanks for the speedy answer. It does work.

When i try to insert the ‘OnMouseOver’ and ‘OnMouseOut’ functions the image is not getting displayed.

The syntax i’m using is

   <call command='attachFooter"><![CDATA[ A,B ,C ]]>

Please suggest me on where i’m going wrong.

the provided code is correct
by any change - is the real code contain few parameters in custom functions separated by comma?

Comma used as separator , so it need to be escaped inside header titles.

Incorrect code
   <call command='attachFooter"><![CDATA[ A,B <img onmouseover=""Function1(a,b);"">,C ]]>

Correct code
   <call command='attachFooter"><![CDATA[ A,B <img onmouseover=""Function1(a\,b);"">,C ]]>