image in tabs

hi there

how is it possible to put image before or after the text which describes the current tab.

some other javascript frameworks that have tabbar support have option to put image, not only text.

how can i do that with dhtmlxtabbar???

10x in advance


tabbar doens’t provide such a built-in functionality. However, there is “close” button feature dhtmlxTabbar/samples/06_behaviors/01_closing_button.html

Image is place after the text and removes tab on click. You may disable this behaviour by event handler and show any other image instead of “x” (but only one image).

The other image can be added as part of the text (you may try to attach html as tab label)

thank you alexandra.

So what i have to do is add something like

instead of ‘some_text’ right?

Yes, you may add html container