Image Map?

Hi. I am wanting to add an image to the screen and then determine where on the image the person has clicked/touched - basically an image map.

Is this possible and if so how?

Many thanks.


this issue doesn’t relate our components.

However, locate method would help to determine whether and element with a certain attribute clicked. This attribute is set the second parameter, the 1st one - native event object or html container

var found = dhx.html.locate(e,attribute);

Hi. Thanks for taking the time to reply but I’m a little confused by your response.

I’m developing a website for smart phones that has an image on the screen (effectively the image is divided into four sections). I want to determine which section of the image the user has clicked on (touched).

I don’t see how your suggestion would address this.

Is this possible?


My answer related image map and its areas if they are set. However, our library doesn’t provide ready solution to set html map.