Image position in a grid

I have a grid in which one of its columns has images. I have wired the onclick event of the images to a function which would display some text as a pop up right next to the image. The problem is that i am not able to get the position of the image element in the grid cell. Here is the code i am using:

<![CDATA[ ]]> ------------------------ XML data

------------------------------------------------------ This is the code for the popup div

function showText(img) ---------------------------------Here is the function which is supposed to show the pop up next to the image


var txt = $get(“divTxt”);

txt .innerHTML = mygrid.cells(id,7).getValue();

var imgOffsetTop = img.offsetTop;

var imgOffsetLeft = img.offsetLeft;

txt = imgOffsetTop + 18;

txt .style.left = img.offsetLeft + 20; = “Visible”;


For each image in the grid offsetTop and offsetLeft are always coming out as 1 and 32. How can i get the actual position of the image element on the page??

You can use inner method of grid, which will calculate position of elements

var pos=mygrid.getPosition(img);
txt = pos[1] + 18+“px”;
txt .style.left = pos[0] + 20+“px”;