Images aren't displaying.

We just bought the treegrid library and I’m trying to incorporate it into our project. I’m just trying to get the initialization working and the images don’t show up and whenever I hover over any node it freaks out. Also every src of the images always starts with undefined so it will never actually show an image. This is the generated code in the website.

Here’s the initialization code:

        var myTreeGrid;
        myTreeGrid = new dhtmlXGridObject('gridbox');
        myTreeGrid.setHeader("Tree,Plain Text");
        myTreeGrid.addRow(1, ["1", "2"], 0, 0, "~/Scripts/dhtmlxTree/imgs/dhxgrid_material/tree/folder.gif", true);

Here’s what happens whenever I hover over a node.

Please, try to define the paths to your images using the setImagesPath(), setIconsPath() methods: … spath.html … spath.html


It seems you are providing a local filesystem path to the image. While API expects an URL to the image ( this url must be accessible for end users )

Normally you need to store all images in a folder inside of web root, set path to this folder through setIconsPath api ( again, it must be an URL, not a local path ) and use only name of image inside of addRow command.