Images missing from mobile scheduler

I downloaded the dhtmlx touch package, and tried the mobile scheduler contained in the samples => applications => calendar folder. It appears there are images missing from the component, as there are no prev and next arrows in either the day or month view. Also, the left hand side of the back button on the top toolbar appears to be missing. I noticed you also have a dhtmlxscheduler download, and there is a version of the mobile scheduler in the codebase folder. This seems to be styled slightly differently, but again, there are images missing. The add button doesn’t seem to be rendered. Which is the newer version, and do you have any idea what I need to do to correct the styling issues? Is there an image I need to download? Thanks in advance.

If you want to use mobile scheduler as fully-featured component - grab dhtmlxscheduler package …
and use mobile scheduler from it.

Version which is included in dhtmlx touch package is just a demo of touch functionality and not purposed to be used as a component.