Images rendering issue using dhtmlxTreeGrid


I am using dhtmlxTreeGrid_v20_pro_81009 version codebase, I’m developing a web application and I am building a dhtmlxtreeGrid that uses about 5 images on each row, when I run the application the screen seems to gradually painting, looks like its taking time to load images

I saw enableIEImageFix in dhmtlxtree.js file, tried to use similar function in dhmtlxtreegrid.js file but saw no difference in performance.

Need help to fix this issue.

I am using JSON my Sample image code


<a href= “#”><img border=“0” src=‘xxx’/>



The enableIEImageFix affects only images which part of design, it will not affect custom images inside content.
To workaround issue you can replace
<img border=“0” src=‘xxx’/>
<div style='width:10px; height:10px; background-image:url(xxx);>

Images defined in such way not affected by IE caching bug.