images with setAutoSubCombo

Hi, I’m using dhtmlxCombo with images and I want to link two combos:


         * Iniciem el combo pare


var wfl=new dhtmlXCombo(“combo_zone1”,“wPare”,200, ‘image’);

wfl.readonly(true, true);



* Establim un combo de complements


var wfl2 = wfl.setAutoSubCombo(“productes/data.php”, “wComplem”, 200, ‘image’);

The first combo runs fine, but the second combo don’t show images.

I don’t find the setAutoSubCombo method in the documentation.

Now I solved the problem with a workarround: grouping in different containers.

thanks for all

�lex Corretg�

Please, try to use attached file instead of the original one. With this file you can do the following:

    var wfl2 = wfl.setAutoSubCombo(“productes/data.php”, “wComplem”, ‘image’);

The width will be the same with width of the parent combo. (935 Bytes)