implemenet chckbox in combobox


this is my html file and i want to add checkbox in my combobox[#connector_select_filter) and also if i willcheck hte multiple checkbox thensome events must be fired and with the help of that event result must be shown. i have one more code to show checkbox in combobox but no event fired on the code just for showing the checkbox in conmbobox. and i m not applied that code in my code . please send me the link or code so i will implemnet that code in my project.






$grid = new GridConnector($res);





i have thhis code for showing combobox with checkbox but no event occur


window.dhx_globalImgPath = “…/…/codebase/imgs/”;

Image Select

Checkbox Select

please give me some other code so that code i will aplpply in my above code. please reply me as soon as poosible.


#connector_select_filter doesn’t support checkboxes.

But you can create custom filter in the grid header: … :filtering