Implement Gantt in existing Vue3 project


I’ve bought DTHMLX Gantt license and I’d like to incorporate the library into my existing Vue3 project.
Can you help to do so?

Thanks in advance

Hello Marlon,
We have the following guide for creating a Vue project and adding Gantt there:

Here is the official demo:

Also, it is expected to use the Gantt Instance approach for Vue: when you open a page/tab/view with Gantt, you need to create a new Gantt instance. When you switch to a different page/tab/view, you need to destroy the Gantt instance:

Alternatively, you need to manually reset everything by yourself.
The following article covers the known issues:

Here are the demos:

Gantt Instance approach:

Alternative approach:

But you can install the Pro version of Gantt as an NPM package the following way:

  1. Unpack Gantt to a specific folder, for example, to /opt/gantt_pro
  2. Use the following command to install Gantt:
npm install /opt/gantt_pro

You can read more about installation methods in the following article: