Implement Signal R in Scheduler

I use scheduler in my mvc project.By default the scheduler used to show the appointments as event box for scheduled time and it has a inbuilt light box window control and it will create the event boxes based on the chosen time. I have customized that with kendo window control and I have successfully able to create events and binded it in scheduler.

But I want to show events created dynamically in the application that are opened currently by using signal R.

The scheduler has the option to do it and I got the sample project with signalR and works fine with the inbuilt light box control but I want to achieve the same using the button click event which is in the kendo window.

Can anyone help to achieve this. I have given the working principle below.

  1. Event info are being saved to the db on click event(button click on kendo window).

2.Scheduler load event will call the particular date event from db and binds the data in scheduler.
This is the current working methodology.

Are you saving event’s data through scheduler, or using your own logic for that ?
The live data updates are tightly coupled with data saving. If you are using saving through scheduler you can use the logic from the existing signalR example, as it doesn’t really matter which lightbox you are using while data saving done through scheduler.

Thanks for the Reply.

No we are using an separate save method which will be invoked from the ‘OK’ button in the kendo window. Can you tell us how to call that built in save from that button and how can we implement our code logic in that save function in controller.

Instead of saving data by custom code you can use something like next

[code]//for edit
var event = scheduler.getEvent(id);
event.text = value; //set properties from custom form
scheduler.callEvent(“onEventChanged”, [id, event]);

//for adding
var event = {};
event.text = value; //set properties from custom form

Such code will make update in a scheduler and will trigger default data saving.