Implementing Gantt, index view not displaying

I’m evaluating if this is the right product, and working through implementing the standard version. Following the instructions found here:

However, right off the bat there are issues. After creating the index view, and updating the code as directed, I run the project to see if the table renders. I get nothing but a white page for the body. (My header and footer are fine.)

Is there something missing from the tutorial that I am missing? Are there better instructions on implementing this into an existing MVC project?

Hello Shane,
Probably, the path for Javascript and CSS files is wrong. You can press F12 and check the output in the dev console.
You can try adding these links:

    <link href="" 
        rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
    <script src=""></script>

And we have a different guide with those links specified:

You can also check the ready demo:

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I’m not sure if the links are case sensitive, but both Scripts and Contents were lowercase in the example. The real issue was that I believe that the NuGet package installs the scripts in a sub folder Scripts/dhtmlxgantt/dhtmlxgantt.js so once I updated that things worked as expected. Thanks for the clarification.