Implementing Gantt on Yii app PHP

Hi everybody, I have been implementing DHTMLX Gantt on my existing Yii2 project using only .js and .css files downloaded by DHTMLX official site.
I made my view, the load data works perfectly and displays data in that view without problems, but when I try to save, update or delete a record, the app returns only the next message: bad request (#400) unable to verify your data submission.
Someone over here has implemented DHTMLX Gantt on Yii2 existing projects before?
I have tried everything to solve this problem but I could not get results. Even, I tried to avoid the Yii data verification to save directly to the database but, the application has not saved the data sent.

I hope someone could help me with that issue.
Thank you so much for try to help me with that problem.

Hello Manuel,
We don’t have guides and demos for the Yii2 framework.
All frontend and backend frameworks are beyond our support, but if you want us to help you to integrate Gantt in your application, you can contact