Implementing realtime behavior

I’m looking for possible solutions to implement a realtime behavior with the scheduler.
Let’s say 2 users logging in, one user adds an event, the other one just sees it popping up on screen.
I found a library SignalIR that lets you do this.
It tries different connections 'til if finds one that is working:

WebSockets (if the both the server and browser indicate they can support websockets)
Server Sent Events, aka EventSource (if the browser supports Server Sent Events, which is basically all browsers except Internet Explorer)
Forever Frame (for Internet Explorer only)
Ajax long polling

Got any easier alternative to this?
thank you in advance

afaik SignalR is the easiest way to achieve this behavior. However you’ll have to implement live-update logic for the client side scheduler.
We plan to release an extension to automate this, but it is in beta now. If you still interested, I could send you a working example.

I tried signalR and their chat example works like a charm, as I wanted to behave.
If you don’t mind posting the example I’m really interested

Sure, you can download the example here …

Thank you very much, I’ll test this!!!
:wink: :wink: :wink: