Import Excel function local library

Due to the company’s network regulations, there is no way to use “json2excel” and “excel2json” in the way of “CDN”.

I would like to ask how to package these two packages into a local project, and directly use the function of importing and exporting EXCEL?

For example:

<script src="../lib/json2excel.js")"></script>
<script src="../lib/excel2json.js")"></script>

In addition, I have seen the github installation method (GitHub - DHTMLX/excel2json: Convert excel file to json data) on the official document, and downloaded “”, unzip it and put it in my project, And use the following way to import.

However, when I call and import EXCEL, I found that the API will call the CDN in addition to calling the local JS, so it cannot be executed normally.

Please, tryto define a full path to a local worker.js in your importModulePath parameter.

const spreadsheet = new dhx.Spreadsheet("spreadsheet", {
	menu: true
	exportModulePath: "http://localhost/Scripts/json2excel/index.js",
	importModulePath: "http://localhost/Scripts/json2excel/index.js",