import from ical

Is there a way, currently, to import from an ical file into the WP plugin version of scheduler?

Is the scheduler.load function of any value to someone using the WP plugin?


Plugin itself can’t do it, but can be done with some external scripts, tool for ical-scheduler conversion will be released in few weeks.

Send a PM if you need it ASAP ( it is ready, just not documented )

Any word on how this feature is coming along? I took a look at the import feature that was available, the one-time import… but I really need the ability to import recurring events, as I have two or three weekly events that go on the calendar, and want to be able to create these calendars in Outlook, and then upload them to the website…

I don’t mind if the table has to be purged each time an import happens… though if that is the case it would be nice if the script gave that option, so that someone could do it without having to go into phpmyadmin.

Ideally, there would be an import button in the interface, load a file and merge the data into the calendar, or purge the data and import the file… including recurring events.

Other than that, a standalone script is fine, but I really need recurring events.


There will be ability to import recurring events ( not all types probably, because scheduler doesn’t support all possible recurring types which can be configured in iCal format )

Script will be published on the next week.

where is this import script located?


Best regards,

I am quite new to PHP and Wordpress so apologies f this is obvious…

I have downloaded the script to import from ical, but am not sure on where to put the files for it to work.

I have had a look on the forum, but haven’t found anything as yet.

Any help is greatly appreciated.