import ics colon issues...

I have an .ics file I’m trying to import into scheduler via the icalExporter.
It works fine on 99% of the .ics files I throw at it, but chokes on this one, only returning about half the data.

require_once 'ical2scheduler/codebase/class.php';
$file = ""
$ical_content = file_get_contents($file);
$export = new ICalExporter();
$events = $export->toHash($ical_content);

The points that get truncated or eliminated seem to be after the colons that occasionally appear in the ‘text’ values.
Is it possible there’s a parsing glitch that doesn’t like colons?
Anyone else experienced this, or can suggest a work-around?


Can you please attach an example of problematic ics file

it’s in the previous code: … /basic.ics
It reads it, but most of the events are truncated… looks like it hits a colon and gives up on anything further…?

Please try to replace class.php with the attached one.

sorry but I don’t see an attachment…?

My bad.
Correct file is attached. (3.7 KB)