Import of projects with multiple timescales


Currently, if I try to import a project .mpp with time in hours, days, weeks, and months (all denoted with hr, d, wk, mon in the duration fields in MS Project) when I import it the duration values are incorrect. This appears to only happen when the hr scale is included, if the project only contains d, wk, and mon the duration values are imported correctly.

Is there any way to solve for this?

Thanks in advance

Hello Brandon,
You can specify the gantt.config.duration_unit parameter when importing the data. In the imported data, there is the duration_unit parameter that you can use.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t reproduce the issue in the following snippet:

If you can reproduce the issue in the snippet, please send me your file so that I can check what might be wrong.

Hi Ramil!

Thank you for your response! I am attaching the file that I am using. I still observe the issue in the snippet. hours_days_weeks_months.mpp (240 KB)

Hello Brandon,
Thank you for sending the file. I tried it with different scales and here is what I get:

I don’t think the issue is related to the scale settings. But you need to enable the work time feature to exclude the non-working time from the duration.
Here is an example of what options you can add: