Import project Gives unexistent parent


We have a problem when we import a Project File, the DHTMLX online importer gives to the first task a parent with id = 0, but that id doesnt exists.

Here is the object that came from the import process

id(pin): "1"
text(pin): "Office itinerancy"
start_date(pin): "2013-04-02"
duration(pin): 24
progress(pin): "0.57"
open(pin): true
parent(pin): "0"
$custom_data(pin): null
type(pin): "project"
onBaseline(pin): false
commitment(pin): 0
base_start(pin): null
base_end(pin): null
status(pin): "0"
end_date(pin): "2013-04-26T03:00:00.000Z"
$no_start(pin): true
$no_end(pin): true
$rendered_type(pin): "project"
$rendered_parent(pin): "0"
$level(pin): 0
$open(pin): true

In this case, this is the first task, and the parent task for the others tasks on the project, and as you can see the parent task is locating a task that doesn’t exist.

Thanks in advance!

This is the virtual root task that is not displayed, and tasks with the tree level 1 belong to that virtual root element. You can open any sample or add a task into an empty chart, then apply the following command:


The tasks without parents will have parent: 0 parameter, for example:

You can change that ID if you want:

It can be used to get the earliest date and the greatest date of all the tasks you have in the chart: