Import value from grid to textbox controls

Dear All,
Consider i have a grid with column name as

On page_load grid will be loaded with the above columns.Now if i select a row i must get the selected name in a text box and Address in another text box.Pl do reply .


you can attach an event that fires when a row is selected -

mygrid.attachEvent(“onRowSelect”, function(rId,cInd){
alert("you clicked row: " + rId + " and cell " + cInd);
// now do something with the values (adjust the column numbers to match your grid)
var name = this.cells(rId,1).getValue();
var address = this.cells(rId,2).getValue();

// now you can use regular javascript functions to add these values to input boxes on a form


if you want a grid and a form on the same page then I would recommend that you use the dhtmlx form component; dhtmlx also has a facility to bind the form and the grid to a common datastore so they will always be synchronised.