Importing a column with first empty rows

I am trying to import a column with optional values from xlsx. However, once I leave the first cell of the column empty (except from the header line), the column is ignored.

Is there a way to import such a column?

Here is a picture with a Description column as an example


Hello Marques,
It is related to our example of the implementation.
There, we check the header array, if it is null, it is filled with the task properties. It is always true for the first task, and it doesn’t fire for the following tasks:

You need to change the code to compare the length of the task properties with the header length:

          var cols = [];
          if(!header.length || header.length < Object.keys(task).length){
            header = [];
            headerControls = [];
            body = [];
            for(var i in task){

Here is the snippet where you can try importing Excel files with empty values in the first row: