Impossible to combine marked timespans when one is not recurring (is a Date object)



There seems to be an(other) issue with the marked timespans: it is impossible to combine them if one of them is not recurring but should be only a (Date) occurrence:

  • red ones should show on every Mon, Tue
  • green ones should show on every Mon, Tue, Wed
  • gray ones should show only on Tue, 26/4/2022

The gray ones indeed shows but disable both the red and the green on that day. Why is this?



It’s a known behavior due to block priority:

In the dev branch of dhtmlxScheduler we’ve added an optional flag that disables the current behavior and allows displaying all defined timespans for the time block.

It’ll be released as a part of the upcoming v6.0 update. If you want to test it sooner - please contact our tech support email, we can send you a dev build